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Good schools that prepare their students for future success in life are rare. Like conditions that must be just right for a rainbow to be displayed in the sky, our school systems occasionally turn out well adjusted, smart, and determined adolescents who are able to navigate the post-secondary education system and make a difference in the world. But this is too rare, and like the conditions that result in a rainbow, we know what tools are needed and what kind of environment we need to create to make them happen much more often.

At Freedom Academy we strive to cultivate the conditions and environment that will serve as a foundation for future learning and success in life through application of four pillars of research-based innovations: community, curriculum, calendar and character.


Helping children succeed requires more than just a good school. It requires caring staff, strong family support and the help of neighborhood and community organizations to give kids the opportunity to succeed and make sure that learning doesn't stop when they leave the classroom.

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Our curriculum choices are based on a proven track record of achievement combined with unique learning innovations to improve brain development and retention. 

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It is no secret that children from low income families will struggle harder and have bigger challenges to overcome. Our calendar year and daily schedule is designed to invest the time required to provide more opportunities for skill building and individual attention.                      

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Studies have confirmed that children learn better when they demonstrate and internalize character and buy into a culture they helped create. Character values are timeless and universal principles that govern our relationships and our responses to stress and conflict.

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The 4 Cs